On the identity and phylogenetic position of Dero indica (Clitellata: Naididae)


The identity and validity of the freshwater worm Dero indica (Clitellata: Naididae; Naidinae) has been debated, and it has been suggested that it is likely to be identical with D. digitata. In this study we combine a newly generated COI sequence of D. indica with available sequences from GenBank, to estimate the phylogeny of Dero using both Bayesian Inference and Maximum Likelihood. The trees show that D. indica is well separated from D. digitata, instead it is closest to D. vaga, but with low support. Furthermore, the analyses confirm the close relationship between Dero and Branchiodrilus found in previous studies, and indicates the presence of cryptic species in D. furcata and D. digitata.

Biologia early online